Client Feedback

“My experience with Amy was very positive. She took the time to listen to me, and understand how I was feeling, as well as explore the potential road blocks that were effecting my nutrition. What I really appreciated about Amy was that she was aware that eating isn’t just about food. There are emotions around eating, and she was sympathetic to that fact. She seemed to really understand that eating habits have a personal story, and that everyone's story is different. She didn’t make me think that she had a “quick fix”. Instead, she helped me to see ways to make small changes in each day, so that it didn’t seem overwhelming. She was very knowledgeable, and I trusted her advice. She also helped me to feel empowered and more confident with my food choices, which altered my relationship with food and nutrition. I truly believe that the work she did with me made a difference in my health.”
— SJ

"Amy guided me on a whole-life-health overhaul.  She taught me that health and wellness are not just what you eat but also about the other ways we take care of ourselves -- our relationships,  jobs, exercise, spirituality and most importantly self care.”

— JP

"I have now done three Detox programs with Amy and each has really been an empowering experience! There is so much care and thought put in to each step of her holistic program and Amy offers constant support, guidance, and a wealth of knowledge so that you don't feel overwhelmed. Amy's emphasis on nourishing your body and mind using fresh, local ingredients to create delicious meals sets her program apart from other detoxes. Through a more personalized consultation with Amy, I was able to gain even more tools and knowledge and was inspired by her to take control of my nutrition and to continuously work to find a healthy balance in all aspects of my life.”

— CP

“Wow! I am so grateful to Amy!  I went to her thinking I was going to get help with nutrition.  As a competitive swimmer, I wanted to make sure I was getting enough calories for the workouts that I do and also making sure I was eating the right things at the right time.  What I got was SO much more!  Amy guided me on ways to handle many things in my 12 year old world from stress, to goal setting and not just in my sport but in my life!  Some ideas were simple and so easy to adapt and others made me really have to think but now have changed my life!”

— AB

"Amy single handedly opened my eyes to the wondrous tastes and the healing power of whole food, plant based eating.  Her passion and talent is captivating. Amy's ability to distill her vast knowledge in our world of information-overload is clear and simple.  Her guidance has helped our family take a more thoughtful approach toward grocery shopping, cooking and eating by incorporating real, wholesome foods into our daily lifestyle.”

— BH

“Watching Amy work with my 12 year old daughter has been absolutely amazing!  Seeing her have such a positive impact not only with the nutritional aspect of her life but also with her athletic, academic and overall mind and body wellness has been truly inspiring.  I love that Amy is helping her to develop a strong foundation to navigate through the everyday challenges that life brings.”

— SB