Let’s Dive Deep And Bring Your Best Self To The Surface

Group Program or One on One: $499

Just to be clear, this is not a get-skinny-quick-to-fit-into-my-bikini-for-vacation type of program. We have work to do and while the habits and “baggage” you accumulated over years of living didn’t happen overnight, the results you are dreaming about will take some time to take effect. So, before you decide to jump into the next quick fix diet trend, I assure you, this program is a game changer…and not just for short term weight loss, as the knowledge and practices you take from our time together will guide you toward long term, sustainable health and wellbeing.

The Deep Dive is not about deprivation or starvation and is not about calorie counting, carb counting, fat counting or over the top workout sessions. Nope, we are in this for the long haul, so in essence, our four weeks together will help you learn what works best for YOU! You will not only learn about nutrition, but more importantly, what nutrition, health and wellbeing mean to YOU! You will eat an abundance of delicious, seasonal whole foods, move your body daily and make space for self care. You will tune in, learn and lead by example. By the end of our time together, you will feel balanced, rested and empowered to move forward with your new found knowledge and intuition. Sound good? Yup…as I said, game changer!

Deep Dive Weekly Breakdown

Week One


This is where it all begins! This is where we get real! The journey starts here!
During Week One, we will explore the ins and outs of what you will need in order to take on the next 30 days with ease, grace and confidence. Each day we will focus on a particular ‘theme’ followed by an action step intended to jumpstart your efforts for the two Immersion weeks.

Day One: Commit

Day Two: Get Organized

Day Three: Set the Stage

Day Four: Schedule and Prioritize

Day Five: Identify Your “Team”

Day Six: Head to the Market

Day Seven: Batch Cook our Brains out!

Weeks Two & Three


Day 8 kicks off the official immersion into the Deep Dive Diet and Lifestyle Protocol. We will be eating heaps of nutrient dense foods. We will be supporting the liver and the detoxification pathways of the body. We will be avoiding processed, inflammatory and allergenic foods. And finally, we will be adding healing supplements and self care practices to ensure the body receives the rest it needs to restore balance. During Week Two we will focus on detoxing and healing the gut. The daily emails will focus on various ways we can support our livers and gut health — because truly, all health begins in the gut!

We will continue with the Protocol for Week Three with a specific focus on cravings, balancing blood sugar and ensuring our meals and snacks are satisfying and delicious. We will hone in on the right kinds of protein, fat and carbohydrates and how to put them together for optimal nutrition, flavor and balance.

Our goal this week is not only to continue the glorious detox party happening in the body, but to also take steps to ensure you can continue living this life of food freedom far beyond our time together!

Week Four


During this week, you will add back certain foods (if necessary!) and assess what you personally need to keep this magical journey moving forward. You will develop your own set of “non-negotiables” — certain habits, foods and practices that MUST occur on a daily basis to ensure your success. We will continuously circle back to your WHY and your intentions from Week One as a way to not only provide necessary motivation and inspiration, but to also make use of the valuable and powerful tools you gathered over the past 30 days — then, and only then will this Deep Dive gracefully transition into your new normal.

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